Adventures in Eating & Cooking

About the munchimonster

The munchimonster was born in my senior year of high school in NYC, 2009. Inspired by the big bang that created the blogosphere, I decided to embark on food adventures of my own. I followed trendy college food blogs like a creepy stalker fan-girl from cupcakes to onigiri to froyo and more. The world is always cooking up something new, and the opportunity to experience them was just a subway ride away.

For college munchimonster had to move away from my beloved city of NY to Philly. Luckily the bus ride was only ~2 hrs and there was plenty of food that Philadelphia had to offer. It was really interesting to see the demographics of Philly reflected upon the authenticity of its ethnic food places. For example, whereas Chinese and Japanese cuisines are somewhat lacking, Vietnamese and Italian surely made up for it. There was a sleuth of fine-dining restaurants in Center City catering to the extravagant eaters, as well as an expanding population of food truckers (another growing trend at the time). These 3 years were a tale of two cities for me (or should I say tale of two bellies).

For the past three years, munchimonster went into hibernation since I started med school. I’m still in Philly, but more on the outskirts where new foods are tried less frequently. It’s also been a challenge getting life and studying together; usually by the time I have time to sit down and write a post, my brain becomes a pile of unmovable mush. Rather, I choose to indulge in food and writing vicariously by staring at others’ blogs. The only thing about this practice is… it doesn’t really satiate the hunger. The hunger for novelty, photography, fun, and at the end of the day just writing about it all.

But hey, we can’t have everything right? Through these years I’ve learned that even without being within the center of a huge city with multiple restaurants, even as a student low on time and money, you can still enjoy food and food-writing. Whether you are eating with friends, traveling, cooking your own, ordering in, or even desperately surviving on coffee and Milanos….it’s all still delicious!

Now munchimonster is back and with a fresh new appetite. Of course, I’m always eating stuff everywhere while taking photos in an attempt to capture all the delectable moments! However, I don’t always have the time or energy to record every instant. I will definitely update if I create something delicious. As for more fewdie photos and reviews, please follow me on Instagram @munchimonsterme or Yelp.

– the munchimonster

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