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New MATCHA Place A La Mousse


Jeujeubee and I discovered something wonderful in Chinatown yesterday…. the Sizzling Ice Cream at A La Mousse!!

A La Mousse is this new dessert place that has replaced Audabon (the previous macaron maker from UPenn). Although I was sad to see Audabon go, I am excited to see this adorable new Asian dessert cafe that opened up in Philly. At first I was skeptical, wondering how authentic the flavors would be… but once I tasted the intense matchaness in the dessert, I was sold.

The Sizzling Ice Cream is an intense, dense matcha brownie topped with a heaping scoop of matcha ice cream (your choice of matcha, raspberry truffle, or vanilla). This comes in a stone hot pan, which the waitress will pour a milk matcha sauce in, inducing the sizzle. Mmmmmm~

As mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised by the high proportion of matcha flavor in the dessert. One of my usual complaints with green tea stuff is – where is the green tea?! However, A La Mousse did not skim, creating that unique complex flavor of roasted bitterness melted in sweet creaminess. I will definitely be back here for my green tea fix.


One comment on “New MATCHA Place A La Mousse

  1. takeitwithtea
    February 10, 2016

    Glad I got to discover this place with you!


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