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RW Philly Edition: Bank & Bourbon

Bank & Bourbon-3

Let’s be real – the best deals of Restaurant Week are always going to be for lunch. Most restaurants already have a prix fixe dinner menu for around $30-40 anyways, which is about the same price as RW dinner. Buuuuut, $20 for lunch at a hoity-toity steakhouse is always a good deal. (Or my favorite is when Zahav does lunch!)

Miss Cosmopolitan and I went to Bank & Bourbon down by Market Street one day for funsies. It’s a pretty standard nice steakhouse restaurant, connected to a fancy hotel. Seems like a good go-to business lunch, and conveniently located.

Bank & Bourbon-6

We split the Ham Board, consisting of 3 various cured meats (apparently all made in the USA). Creminelli prosciutto was one of them – pretty good, smoky, standard prosciutto. The other 2 were both hams – one was really really good, with sweet mild undertones and a lingering meatiness. The other one just tasted strongly like pancetta, which is good but unoriginal. We both really liked the special ham, guessing it was jamón serrano or some hybrid.

Bank & Bourbon-2

For the second appetizer, we split the Roasted Cauliflower Salad, which was decent. Recently, I’ve noticed a rising popularity of the cauliflower, as people prefer white florets to green (talk about fickle). But there is a certain richness, softness, more starchy/rooty flavor to cauliflower that broccoli lacks. Anyways, this was a decently roasted salad, with a nice touch of sweet grapes, amish cheddar, and pumpkin brittle (roasted pumpkin seeds it seems). It was an interesting balance of sweet tartness, roasted nuttiness, and rooty vegetableness – mediocrely delicious.

Bank & Bourbon-4

We both got the Grilled Flat Iron Steak for the entrée – I always do medium, Miss Cosmo goes medium-rare. I’m really not a steak connoisseur because the only steak I truly enjoy is juicy, tender filet mignon. Flat iron is made from chuck cut, which is from the shoulder of the cow – containing some tendon and marbling that makes the meat tougher (hence, cheaper)… Which is why I found the meat tougher and more rubbery than I would prefer. On the other hand, I loved the hand-cut fries (ate the whole damn thing) and the side salad. The side salad was actually super-refreshing because of the light watercress, a smart pairing for steak.

Bank & Bourbon-5.jpg Dessert #1: Warm Toffee Pudding – Miss Cosmopolitan loved this!!! Because she is a fan of bread pudding. Me, on the other hand, not so big of a fan. I really enjoyed the maple ice cream and crust crumbs sprinkled on the side. The toffee pudding had a mushy, bread-soaked center of sweet toffee. The mushy breadiness is something I never got into, because I like my bread solid and dry… However, this taste and methodology is what gives bread pudding its name. I can assume they did a good job because it was super bread pudding-esque.

Bank & Bourbon

Dessert #2: Cheesecake Bruleé – I loved this!!! Miss Cosmopolitan did not so much. Haha, clearly and luckily we have different tastes. She thought the cheesecake part was really rich, but I loved the smooth creaminess that blended with the savory-sweet, butter crust. Yummm! I can’t ever pass up a deliciously dense cheesecake. What I liked about this one was the cake-to-crust ratio. Cheesecake can get sickening if the cake is too thick and dense, because it can be extremely creamy… but I like how this piece had a substantial scaffold of a crust to balance out the cheese. The tart berry compote further complemented this rich cake, making it a classic and balanced dessert!

Overall, a fun RW excursion, but I would not dine here again. Steakhouses just aren’t really my thing, unless they’re super-fancy and famous (in which case you go for the experience of fine dining). But hey, if I ever get invited to some business dinner here, I wouldn’t complain!

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