Adventures in Eating & Cooking

RW Philly Edition: Audrey Claire

IMG_2777This year the girls decided on Audrey Claire for restaurant week, a cute little BYOB farm-to-table spot on 20th and Spruce. The trendy open-kitchen vibe of the place gave the ambiance of a fun girls’ night spot or a cute date idea. Only downside is there might be a bit of a wait on Friday night because it’s a pretty intimate space.

I had a bite of Weshma’s Seared Haloumi in Date Sauce (see above), which is this salty, rich Mediterranean cheese (which Zahav does wayyy better). It’s chewy and flavorful, always paired with a sweet date sauce.


I must say that the Seared Brussel Sprouts in Parmesan were the HIGHLIGHT of the night. This was one of the most delicious appetizer dishes I have ever tasted – and the best part is that you truly taste the core of each ingredient. These giant brussel sprouts are so ridiculously fresh that they must be handpicked and shipped in the morning. The chef did an excellent job in preserving the natural crisp, leafy flavors, searing the vegetables lightly in olive oil and letting the naked vegetable shine. The slabs of parmesan cheese equally fresh, pungent, and delicious. Paired with the sprouts, this appetizer demonstrated the best part about farm-to-table restaurants.


The Potato Crusted Ahi Tuna w/ Crispy Beets and Black Truffle Emulsion was decently delicious as well. I felt that the fried potato panko-like crust was a bit too oily for me. The tuna itself was relatively fresh, with a medium-rare center. The truffle emulsion went nicely with the fish, as it added a nice mushroom umami. I’m actually glad that the truffle was not stronger because the crust was already pretty rich. The crispy beets had no lingering earthiness taste… they reminded me of veggie chips a little, which caused some confusion and strife. Overall, a well constructed entree, but could be done better with a lighter crust and stronger truffle sauce.

I gotta say that Audrey Claire does produce extremely well, as the green beans again tasted super fresh and delish!~


Crème brûlée was the best!!! No question about it. The restaurant week menu brings an assortment of desserts for the table – crème brûlée , rice pudding, and chocolate cake. Skip all of them and just eat the damn crème brûlée because the others aren’t worth the extra calories and time.

This crème brûlée was one of the lightest, fluffiest, airiest that I have ever tasted. I really appreciated the craftsmanship that took a common dessert to quite an exceptional level.

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