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The Battle of Benedicts: Philly Edition


Behold: This is the Potato Pancake Benedict at Day by Day.


The formidable opponent: Seasonal Eggs Benedict of Cafe Lift.

The competition is fierce. The eggy goodness is heavenly. WHO SHALL BE THE VICTOR?!

The Potato Eggs Benedict is the signature dish at Day by Day. It’s a wonderful variation of the classic eggs benedict: instead of the English muffin, the staples are two potato latkes (little beds of hash brown). This is topped with deliciously salty smoked salmon (for all you icthyophiles out there), poached eggs, and classic hollandaise. This is served with a side salad for a balanced brunch. Solid. This dish gets its points from the clever substitutions, but loses points for subpar execution. I prefer smoked salmon to the classic ham; I prefer potato hash to English muffin. However, the latkes were on the blander side and the salmon was average. The most disappointing part was the eggs; I was hoping for a perfectly poached egg that runs on the first cut…saucing the entire benny. However, Day by Day just did not deliver this time. The egg was in a semi-solid state, with a yolk that was firm and gooey rather than runny. This cost them the most points…

On the other hand… the Seasonal Eggs Benedict at Cafe Lift was unhealthily delicious! I loved the dense, wholesome, corn-based biscuit that served as the carb base. It was thickly buttered on the bottom… oh-so-artery-clogging deliciousness!! This was topped with a slathering of sweet-n-savory pulled pork and spinach sauté. Now that is true comfort food~ The delivery of the eggs was the best part! As I cut through the middle of the egg, the yolk gently spilled over the tender pork and fresh spinach. The dense biscuit soaked up the yolk easily, creating this sinful yolky-buttery bread. Yum yum!

The victor of benedicts: Cafe Lift with its Seasonal Eggs Benedict. Get it while supplies last (as I think this is on a rotating specials menu). But hey, the Potato Eggs Benedict at Day by Day is still a classic, solid brunch dish in Philly. If you are in the mood for a lighter, guiltless but still delicious eggs dish, Potato Eggs Benedict is the way to go. But if you are a fatty like me who loves to indulge in breakfast foods, you gotta try the Eggs Benedict at Cafe Lift!~

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