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Remember that time we made peach cobbler?

IMG_20150908_235832This post is somewhat overdue… I mean it’s apple crisp season now.. almost Christmas cookie season! But peach cobbler?! Yes… we did make peach cobbler in the summer. Because My Name Twin is allergic to almost all fruits including peaches…unless they were cooked. She would have gone the whole summer peachless… UNACCEPTABLE!

Luckily those bright yellow Georgian peaches were on sale at Costco, so I brought a few, we got some more, and we made magic happen. The secret to a delicious peach cobbler is of course… the crust as I always say. Every dessert, pizza, even entree requires a substantial carb scaffold. For tastiness sake, this usually requires a buttload of butter. (If we were talking about nutrition, it would need a lot of fiber, whole grain goodness… but not today because we were making cobbler!)

Anyways, the point is, we had a lovely time making peach cobbler. I hadn’t baked for a while, and it’s always more fun baking with friends. Everyone really enjoyed it!~

We adapted a recipe from Southern Food (link here), but cut the sugar in half so that it didn’t turn out overly sweet. For more tips about Peach Cobblers, check out this Serious Eats article.

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