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Midnight Ramen

Cherry Flower-4

A poor student like me usually could never afford to eat dinner at Takashi in West Village. Premium Japanese yakiniku restaurant… sighhh. But most anyone can afford to come here to try the midnight ramen!

For $17 (which is puts you on the $$ on yelp, meaning affordable on occasion), one can get a piping bowl of beef broth ramen. The caveat is, that Takashi only serves this on Fridays and Saturdays from midnight-1am.

This is probably one of the few places I know that serves beef ramen, as ramen is classically made with pork. This bowl has crunchy bits of beef intestine and tender beef belly. I would definitely pay the extra $1 for the Grandma’s spicy version. For some reason, I tasted a strange aftertaste in the normal version, which I’m not sure is from the broth or the kitchenware. It metallic and artificial tasting that lingered after the initial deliciousness… Either way, I like having the spice to mask this odd flavor.

I’m glad to say I had tried it, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to eat this again. Unless I can taste a version which doesn’t have the aftertaste, or if they get cleaner bowls… I am currently unimpressed. But hey, who knows? Maybe I was just unlucky with my batch. Give it a try yourself and let me know what you think!

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