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Sprinkles Ice Cream


What happened to autumn? Instantaneous winter overnight… Good thing I ate Sprinkles ice cream during that extended summer time we had this year in 2015! I was working around MEETH at that time, which I should be going back to on Monday. This makes me crave the Sprinkles around 63rd and Lex.

Sprinkles, which my Cali suitemate Pri got me hooked on back in 2010, is this awesome cupcake shop. Now with full vending machine nearby and an ice cream shop?!

Funny because the name Sprinkles usually makes me think of ice cream before cupcakes. Brings me back memories of getting rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream cone from the Mr. Softee truck… Sprinkles!~

Anyways, the ice cream at Sprinkles is pretty solid. That day I tried the s’mores flavor of the day and red velvet (my sprinkles go-to). I actually must say that I loved the s’mores wayyy more than the red velvet. Red velvet’s cream cheese ice cream was too saccharine for my taste buds. And the most winning part about Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes are the cake itself! Which was not so much present in the ice cream. On the other hand, the s’mores was amazing!!! Who knew Sprinkles’s graham cracker ice cream would be so delicious? And the mix-ins of chocolate marshmallow swirl made it a real sinful treat. Hehe, who needs to go camping to experience the delicious s’mores of summer?

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