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Compilation of My Stress-Eating at Cafe Lift

20150724_122846I have a confession to make: During the past month I spent juggling boards-studying and clinical rotations, I may have frequented Cafe Lift one too many times. Whether this was with my group of fun residents or ordering for pickup on weekends… I made quite a dent on their menu of breakfast items. And I am not ashamed to admit this!!! Because Cafe Lift speaks to my inner voracious munchimonster of runny eggs, carbs of any state, sugary sweets, hearty calorie-laden breakfast foods.

I was adventurous and tried some of Cafe Lift’s seasonal rotating menu. The photo above is their Seasonal Blintz – a thin, crepe-like pancake that harbors a trove of marscapone cheese, peaches, and berries. Little sprinkles of nuts and granola pebble along the sides. I’m still not sure if I’m the biggest fan of marscapone because it leaves this almondy flavor that makes me paranoid that about cyanide poisoning. This desserty dish was slightly heavy on the marscapone – wish there was a slightly higher fruit-to-cheese ratio. However, the crespelle was thin and spongey, which serves as a solid base.

20150724_122858I felt an instant pang of regret about my menu choice when I tasted a piece of my Ophtho-bro’s Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Oh so delightfully fluffy and full of sweet summery lemon zing. Definitely getting these immediately when I come back to Philly! This and the Cannoli French Toast I saw my resident getting… If it were not for my weird timidness and deference toward the seniority-hierarchy, I would probably have stolen some, hehe.

Recommended the lemon pannies to Miss Ratatouille who loved these as well~

IMG_20150718_092342On a separate takeout trip to Cafe Lift, I decided on another rotating menu item: Scape Butter Toast, a generous hunk of sourdough bread brushed with a rich garlic scape butter. Didn’t taste much of the scape in the butter, which made me kinda sad… I love garlicky flavorful butters rather than just pure creaminess. This was topped with sweet local corn, swiss chard, guanciale (Italian cured pork cheek), and sunny-side egs. Guanciale is yummy but mostly because it tasted like a saltier, fattier version of prosciutto. haha, doing wonders for my already enlarging-from-boards waistline. I wasn’t super-impressed by this “exotic” meat. However, the combination with the sweet local corn and veggies somehow worked. This is one of those boy/girl-next-door dishes. It tastes like a plain Jane when you take the first bite, but its unique personality grows on you for the next few smile emoticon (Definitely needs a bit more sassy scapeness in the butter though.)

I had also tried Cafe Lift’s Breakfast Burrito during one of my guilty takeout trips. I didn’t get a good snapshot of this dish, but it was very delish! The best part was the warm housemade, flour-tortilla that housed the homestyle scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and peppers. The tortilla was so fresh and doughy, it spoke to the little carb-loving kid in me. =]

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