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Philly Night Market 2015

IMG_2323Hadddd to check out the Philly Night Market this year with the lovely Jeujeubee – especially with the free Uber code! Compliments to for an awesome event =] They’re also an awesome organization that promotes healthy eating and education, hurrah! Although a little counter-intuitive since there’s so much yummy-not-so-healthy food available at the night market. So for those who’ve never been to one of these awesome night markets, the idea is basically a huge conglomeration of all the regional food trucks. Like Parked! in NYC~

IMG_2330Takoyaki is a must for Asian chicks like us, ughh so stereotypical but so delicious!!! Takoyaki = fried balls of dough stuffed with octopus chunks, slathered in okonomiyaki sauce, kewpie mayo, and bonito flakes. We got these from Tabeteki truck, which I’m sad I forgot to snap a photo of. They have a beautiful truck painted with the classic “original manga” painting. I think Tabeyeki left out the classic kewpie mayo (probably better for our health, but saddening). They were also doughier than the standard takoyaki I’m used to and skimmed on the octo-chunks, but hit the spot regardless.

IMG_2331Curry katsu from Tabeteki was pretty standard fare. The breadcrumb katsu was a little mushy at the bottom, which made me sad. Improper katsu!!!! But the curry was on point. If you’ve been following my blog since the start, you should know that I love Japanese curry. It’s my favorite kind of yummy curry, and curry is one of my favorite foods!~

IMG_2325Visited the Tots Truck. Wait, wot?!?!? A truck that specializes in fried little potato nubbins? Yes, please! I split the Old Bay style with cheese for $8, a hefty price for some tots. To be honest, I did not think they should have been that expensive. I mean, yes there is yummy cheese infused with beer and lots of Old Bay. I really wanted to love these, but think they were anything special. I mean tots will be tots, but these just tasted more fried and salty. There was no extra oomph or dimension of flavor, not really worth my blood pressure climbing up by 20 mmHg. Sadness =[

IMG_2335I am totally jumping on the arepa bandwagon because I’m in love with these Latin American meaty, flavorful, maize-based “tacos.” Except they’re not tacos – they’re arepas. It even has a sexier name – arrrrrrrepa. Plus, they’re gluten-free for my celiac friends: Chwissy-poo, that means you~

IMG_2339Decided to order the Robinita, the arepa stuffed with chorizo and other goodies. I’m sad because I think they left out the plaintains by accident, and I do quite like my plaintains. =[ However, the chorizo mixed with fresh tomatoes and veggies was delicious, albeit slightly dry. The arepa maize dough itself was yummy, rich corn flavors from the maize. Again, wheat-less for my gluten-free friends!

IMG_2345The Reina Pepiada was pretty much a chicken salad arepa except that guacamole was used in place of mayo, which is simple but genius. This clever substitute made the chicken salad much tastier and healthier, a trick one should try at home next time.

IMG_2337Our last stop was Tyson Bees, a truck specializing in Asian-Mexican fusion. We tried the pork bun, one of the new “trendy Asian appetizers” since 2013. They used the classic sweet brown sauce on steamed bun with a slab of pork, a standard, solid pork bun.

IMG_2338The Galbi Taco had a decent amount of beef. The tortilla was yummy, but too thick and emphasized the meager amount of filling there was. Sadness!! However, the filling was very delicious and I’m sure if the Night Market wasn’t so packed, we would have gotten more. I liked the whole purple cabbage on tacos trend that has been happening all over town. It adds a nice fresh crisp and some color to the typical taco.

IMG_2319So yeah, we covered good ground tonight. Made a small dent at Philly Night Market, which we’re pretty proud about. I can’t say that the food was life-changing, but just the hustle-and-bustle of the food scene hyped the munchimonster in me up. This definitely expanded the list of food trucks I want to try in the future. So please stay tuned for more adventures~ =]

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