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Bahn Mi Lunch-Ventures

20150514_121625Checked out Cafe Saigon off Adams Ave today since Grand Rounds was canceled. This is on Adams Avenue off of US 1, this annoying street with stoplights of doom!!! Gahhh!! I dragged my new friend Mr. Twin-Dad and my old friend Mr. Almost-Twin to try the banh mi.

20150514_121531I can’t say I was overly impressed with the banh mi, but this was authentic enough. The pork was tenderly grilled in sweet Vietnamese glaze, the carrots and daikon were sliced thin and pickled nicely. Cilantro is a must! I’m not sure if the jalapeno is, but it was a bit too much for me. (I have a slight reaction to jalapeno – nausea…sadness.) All of this piled onto a crusty baguette, an insight to the French colonization of Vietnam in the early 1900s.

20150514_121121Luckily they had Vietnamese iced coffee, one of my favorite types of coffee. Sweet, icy, and full of rich condensed milk – this drink really hits the spot on a lazy, spring afternoon. We all ended up getting the same thing and enjoying every bit of it.

20150514_121139Interior view of this tiny Viet hole-in-the-wall. So I’m not sure if I’m super-impressed with this place because Mr. Nemo hyped this up as “the best banh mi in Philly.” Not that I’ve gone around Philly rounding up all the banh mi (not a bad idea for a fun fewd adventure), but I think it could do better with the large Viet demographics here. Don’t get me wrong. For $4 to get a whole sammie is a total steal of a deal (better than Subway’s $5 footlong). And it’s a solid banh mi too, just nothing life-changing. I’ll probably be back for lunch a few times because it definitely beats hospital food!

PS – shout-out and thanks to my almost twin for paying. I’ll get you guys next time!~

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