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TGIF Cupcakes – The Return of Buttercream Truck

IMG_2317TGIF!~ What better way to show it’s Friday than to fortuitously run into Buttercream Cupcake Truck. As much as I love all these new macaron and doughnut specialty stores popping up with the new dessert trends, the classic cupcake will always have a special place in my heart – errr, belly.

IMG_2309I remember getting super-excited back when Buttercream first started stopping by Drexel campus. Back when Kate Carrara was a one-woman show, turning a battered, old truck into a brilliant palette of cupcake sprinkles. When I first started undergrad in 2009 and missed my Butter Lane cupcakes… that was when Kate first started driving her truck as well. I always appreciate her use of lightly whipped French-style buttercream frosting, as opposed to the dense, sugar-laden, waxy frosting that anyone can buy from the supermarket.

20150501_112050Now she has a whole cupcake crew helping her run Buttercream! I met the new cupcake dude today, who gave me a sweet deal on a dozen cupcakes. It was so fortuitous that I spotted the colorful cupcake truck on my way to Suburban Station today – but even more fortuitous that cupcake dude offered me free cupcakes for being an old-time customer.

I learned that Kate created a job just for cupcake dude when he was looking for jobs. Awww, Kate – you started a domino-effect of kindness. Your kindness to cupcake dude led him to spread kindness to me (sweet cupcake deal), which I will pass on to afternoon clinic today. Because hey, as much as I would love to stuff a dozen cupcakes in my mouth, I would probably die instantly of hyperglycemic shock (not sure if this humanly possible, but I would not want to be the case report subject). Sooo, hopefully these kindness cupcakes will trickle down extra kindness to the patients as well~

IMG_2305Haven’t tasted these suckers yet, but I will recall that the Banana Cupcake with Nutella Frosting was one of my faves. Stay tuned for munchimonster’s commentary!

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