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Huevos Gringos, a 503 Original

20150425_105956Miss Ratatouille and I officially have a pact: if medical school fails (or eons after our graduation), we are opening a cute brunch-café place. I already have my eggs benedict inspiration dish on the menu. Now for menu item #2, we introduce the Huevos Gringos.

This was a fun & successful rendition from attempting to make Huevos Rancheros without all the ingredients. Rather than giving up, we stayed resourceful and resilient – and that’s how our epic brunch dish Huevos Gringos was born!

Because we didn’t have any fresh tortillas at hand, we toasted some whole wheat English muffins for a healthier alternative. The over-easy eggs were my contribution to this plate. the key to over-easy eggs is the timing and the flip – trying not to overcook or break the yolks. Topped this with some shredded Tex-Mex mix of cheese.

We slatted on a heaping wad of guac – yum yum, my favorite! (I could literally inhale guacamole like matcha ice cream.) And some fancy blue tortilla chips for garnish!~

20150425_110014Sure, we didn’t have the tomato salsa, refried beans, or Mexican rice…but we did have tons of fun making this dish! Because it’s not totally Mexican (rather, a strange concoction of half-eggs benedict, half-huevos rancheros), we decided to christen it “Huevos Gringos” for kicks. In modern slang-guage, a gringo refers to a South American (most commonly Mexican) who is a US citizen. This usage isn’t meant to be derogatory. It merely implies that the Mexican person is a legal citizen who is at least somewhat assimilated into American culture – which is exactly what we did by unintentionally putting a Western spin on the traditional Huevos Rancheros.

Larga vida al Huevos Gringos!~

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