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Since We’re on the Subject of Coffee…

20150424_192531Speaking about coffee, let’s talk affogatos! First of all – what is an affogato? Pretty much an ingenious combination of gelato & espresso. With this, you got the dark, sexy, and pick-me-up part of espresso + the innocent, creamy, delightful, chill-me-out part of gelato. The result: the perfect sweet ending (or beginning) to any meal.

Pri had fixated the idea of an affogato in my head for the past week, so a group of us made it our mission to consume one. Off to Capogiro we go!~ I had my affogato with Dulce de Leche gelato (basically caramel-vanilla ice cream), which created a caramel frappuccino-like concoction. It was good, but the sweetness a bit overpowering. I’ll have to try it with the Scuro next time! Pri & Jeujeubee got theirs with the Burnt Sugar (under my recommendation) and really enjoyed the taste of crème brûlée in their espresso. If you haven’t tried this flavor yet, I highly recommend this new favorite of mine!

Capogiro’s gelato, of course, is famous throughout Philly, but they also have an espresso bar and small selection of Italian sweets (such as bombolini doughnuts, yum!) Aside from affogatos, the espresso bar also serves lattes, cappuccinos, and even hot chocolate!

20150423_193357Unfortunately, Capogiro’s hot chocolate was a bit disappointing. The presentation was so deceivingly reminiscent of Naked Chocolate back in University City, before it closed down 2 years ago. But it was not Naked Chocolate hot chocolate. This made me very very sad. I couldn’t even finish it because this mediocre hot chocolate reminded me of the hole inside my heart that Naked Chocolate had left… Noooo!!

Now the munchimonster is on a new mission – to find a new hot chocolate place in Philly that could satisfy my cravings for rich, dark chocolate…to fill the void that Naked Chocolate left!! *Dramatic spotlight*

If only they would open a Jacques Torres here…wistful thinking~ Until then, I will scour the menus of coffee shops and eavesdrop on the whisperings of friends until I find the most sinful hot chocolate in town~

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