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Quick ‘n Dirty Eggs Benedict

IMG_2303Sunday mornings don’t feel right without a heavy-duty brunch dish. Unfortunately, brunch club didn’t meet this weekend, but that doesn’t mean one can’t have a solo affair with some eggs and smoked salmon.

I absolutely love smoked salmon – not only for its taste but also for its convenience. One can just buy it from the supermarket and eat it right out of the bag (or at least that’s what I do!) No need to pan, sear, broil, and whatnot, which is why I like to keep a pack at hand. It’s my favorite substitution for Canadian bacon in eggs benedict. In fact, I think I prefer this salmon version of the classic brunch dish!

IMG_2294So anyways, for my quick ‘n dirty eggs benedict: I microwaved some frozen whole wheat dinner rolls, stuck in some smoked salmon, poached 2 eggs, and totally cheated on the hollandaise sauce.

For the beautiful red hollandaise topping you see here, I used leftover sriracha aioli from Hip City Veg (which comes with their uh-mazing sweet potato fries). It actually serves as a brilliant hollandaise substitution, especially since both are both variations of creamy egg emulsions. The key difference is that hollandaise is emulsified with butter whereas aioli is emulsified with olive oil. There’s also variation in spices, but they’re pretty much interchangeable for experimental purposes!

Anyways, I think it’s fun to save leftover sauce (particularly if it’s a good one), and improvise with your cooking. Especially because no one has time to make things from scratch anymore! Give it a try, and don’t be shy to experiment with different types of sauces and meat (or vegetarian) combinations. Comment below on your favorite variations!~

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