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Jar of Hearts

IMG_2176Strawberries smell of summer. Summers long ago of chasing ice cream trucks, climbing up monkey bars, runnin’ around until you’re covered in scars.

Summers of saving strawberries. Or rather, Dad would buy a ton of strawberries on sale and save them for little me. The thing is, usually sale strawberries do not last. As fleeting as summer herself, the strawberry shelf-life was rather evanescent.

To make the strawberries last a bit longer, Mom would slice them up and soak them in honey. It usually took ~2 days for the honey to melt into the strawberries, creating the sweet strawberry-hearts of summer.

IMG_2178Recently I realized that one can squeeze these hearts into a little jar for safe-keeping (to eat after a long day). Because let’s face it, we all have pretty exhausting days half the time. Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back to reflect on all the things we take for granted – family, friends, health. I know this is super-cliche and overused, but it’s surprising how quickly people (including myself) can forget and “put on the back-burner” all of these wonderful things that they already have.

So rather than “collecting hearts to tear love apart“, I encourage you to collect hearts to remember the love that you have. Whether this is love for a friend/family member/significant other/pet, for a dream/cause/idea, or for yourself (by this I mean confidence without arrogance).

Anyways, it is late and I’m rambling way too much about random crap. With this, I bid you good night and leave you with my parents’ quick & simple recipe:

Jar of Hearts:

– 1 plastic box of strawberries (like Driscoll’s or something from the supermarket when it’s 2 for $1.99)

– 1 bucket load of honey

– 1 cute jar

Squeeze honey into the jar to cover the base completely. Then wash and slice up strawberries into little hearts. Toss a few in, drizzle with honey. Toss some more in, drizzle with honey. Rinse & repeat.

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