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Hummus is Yummus

20150213_115228_Richtone(HDR)Hummus is yummus!!!

If you agree with the statement above and haven’t been to Dizengoff yet, you need to get off your computer and run over right this instant! Or, maybe not right this instant depending on what time it is, teehee. But the point is, Dizengoff is a funky, hipster-ish food joint that specializes in hummus (obviously). The 2 things I trust hipsters with most are: making amazing coffee (always a win) and coming up with creative specialty fewd places (usually a win).

I forget when we came here but the photo you are looking at above is the celery root hummus, highly recommended by our server. This was also my absolute favorite. It erred on the saltier side, but the savory flavors of roasted celery root blended in perfectly with the smooth, creamy hummus. The bits of cilantro (or parsley, I don’t recall) really lifted the hummus too.

20150213_115205_Richtone(HDR)The original hummus, which I admit I don’t have the best photo of. Our group had been starving after a long morning of clinic and couldn’t resist digging into the Dizengoff. I don’t blame them, because once they put that fluffy, fresh-out-of the oven pita with giant plates of hummus in your face, how can you not become hunger-crazed?!

20150213_115157_Richtone(HDR)I don’t recall the potato hummus as well as the others, but this was softer, smoother, and creamier. (All the good parts about eating roasted mashed potatoes combined with hummus.) Two friends picked this as their favorite, so it definitely leaves its mark. I still preferred the blend of savory, earthy flavors in the unique celery root.

20150213_124050Oh, and another huge plus to Dizengoff is that you can always pop into Federal Donuts next door for dessert! So hummus + pita followed by doughnuts + coffee? 2 perfect snack-combos that can substitute a meal. Yay!

One comment on “Hummus is Yummus

  1. JChen
    April 5, 2015

    This is my favorite place to eat in philly . Glad you liked it. Just a little tidbit, the store was also started by the owners of Zahav as well!


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