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Happy Pi Day!

10441413_367730253430113_2803092582620976032_nHappy Pie Day Everyone!! 3.1415929535, hehe. True Pi Day comes once in a century folks, and I’m glad we were able to catch this one. In honor of math and fewds, I went over to Beiler’s Bakery to pick up some Pumpkin-Cheesecake Pie and a slice of Old-Fashioned Apple Pie.

My favorite thing about any kind of pie is the crust, whether this be pizza pie or dessert pie. Because the crust is the infrastructure of the pie! It is like the steel beams that gets laid down first before a building is built. Without a solid frame/crust, there will be no solid pie/building. And Beiler’s pie crust made the cut-off for warm, buttery, savory, flaky deliciousness. Yum yum!

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