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Super Bowl Scones

IMG_1946Can’t say I understand all the rules of football, but I can say I understand the rule of making scones: more butter is better! This year I decided to watch the Super Bowl, since I’ve started dabbling in game-watching. Who knew it could be so fun to watch giant men tackle each other to move across the field? Despite my lack of football knowledge, I managed to pick up the intensity and cleverness of plays between the Patriots & Seahawks. The teams were tied in the first half of the game, and then I drifted off during the second half for scone-baking!

IMG_1910I had basically stolen the recipe from Saveur:

But I added some of my dried blueberries because I am addicted to those things! (Plus they would make the scones look white & blue like the Super Bowl team colors, hehe.) Pounding the butter in the dough was the most physical part of the process, as well as the most fun. Something about the combining the dry mix with the milk and butter, and then watching them condense into some spectacular scone dough is really rewarding.

IMG_1932Molding the scones into isosceles triangles!!

IMG_1938And bake until golden brown! Spread on some Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s and you’re good to go~

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