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Reuben Pastrami at Hershel’s

20150111_135845Reading Terminal is an amazing magical place that never ceases to overwhelm me with choices, choices, CHOICES! After taking a brief walk down memory lane with Steff today, I decided on my go-to sandwich place, Hershel’s East Side Deli.

Situated right next to the famous Dicnic’s pulled pork, Hershel’s line is never as impossibly endless. And honestly, its sandwiches are just as tasty, if not more so. That is to say, you can’t really compare the two, as Dicnic’s specializes in pulled pork/more Italian-style hoagies whereas Hershel’s specializes in Jewish/Eastern European flavors with corned beef, pastrami, latkes (my fave, yum!)

20150111_135907Feeling hungry and ambitious, I opted for the pastrami sandwich, Reuben style for 93 cents extra. The Reuben includes Russian dressing, swiss cheese, sauerkraut all slapped on top of a pile of sliced pastrami meat. And let’s not forget about the crispy, toasted rye bread that holds this monster of a sandwich together.

Although I usually hate dressing on my salad, I must say this Russian dressing got to me. It was thick, sweet, and very mustardy in taste. (I’m a big fan of mustard!) I guess the mustardy taste must be from all the horseradishes used in making Russian dressing. Anyways, it was very delicious, melting into the bread and meat. The sauerkraut added a bit of sour, fresh zing to the sandwich, although I wish I got to taste it more. And ohh, the meat – thick, juicy, and incredibly satisfying. My main beef with the beef is that the fatty parts of the pastrami are extremely tenacious, and does not break off from biting with my incisors. As a result, I had to pull out the piece of meat from the sandwich…and it got really messy.

Oh well…when it comes to eating monster sandwiches, I can’t expect to be all neat and lady-like, can I? (In fact, I’m usually not.) But once in a while, we all deserve the chance to indulge like this. =]

20150111_135920Oh, and let’s not forget about the pickle. After all, a deli sandwich is not complete with out a pickle~

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