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Waffles Incaffeinated

20141023_08382210/23: After a failed attempt to get a large group of people over to Waffles Incaffeinated for brunch, it was so lucky for both Gulnarnarnar and me to be free Thursday morning. It was the perfect opportunity for a waffletastic breakfast and good conversation.

20141023_083852Souther Waffle: This Spanish/Mex-style waffle was amazing. Soft fluffy waffle stuffed with nubs of spicy chorizo and cheddar. Surprisingly the stuffing was very well balanced. There wasn’t too much cheese to make the waffle feel greasy. It was just the right amount of filling that melted into the warm doughy waffle. This was topped with a gooey soft-easy egg, perfectly saucing the waffle. There were some fresh crisp salsa-like veggies on the site. They were very fresh and added a clean crunch to the sinfully savory waffle.

FUNKY MUNKY!!~ Dessert-style waffle. Although I stand by Wafels & Dinges as the best dessert-waffles, this Funky Munky was quite a formidable delight~

The best part was definitely the rich lump of peanut butter in the middle. It was so soft and delicious, spread very nicely over the waffle. Quite fluffy inside covered with a shell of crunchy dough. Bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter mesh so well together~

Options for syrup included Bourbon syrup & vanilla syrup. The Boubon syrup was hands-down the best. And this is coming from a girl who doesn’t usually take syrup with her pancakes or Bourbon with their alcohol. Hehe, definitely well worth a try!!

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