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Deluca’s for Breakfast, an Unexpected Treat!


10/17: Resident’s lecture started late this morning and I’m sick of cafeteria food, so what better place to get breakfast than in the Strip District?

My original plan was to try the infamous Pamela’s Diner. However, my good friend Siavash tipped me off on this gem called Deluca’s, just one street away from Cafe Raymond.

Pamela’s was a fail but breakfast is always a win! Deluca’s had quite an extensive selection of both salty and sweet classics. I always love a good Eggs Benedict with ‘tatoes. They offered some spinoffs of the classic benedict (typically Canadian bacon/ham, poached egg atop English muffins). I decided on the California style benedict topped with spinach, tomatoes, and everyone’s fave: avocado! The egg was poached quite nicely, gooey/runny consistency when sliced into. The avocado added a nice touch, but I wish there were more (I absolutely love that fruit!) The hollandaise sauce, made more like a mild curry/savory sauce, not too creamy/greasy (which tends to be the problem w/ hollandaise), but rather flavorful. ‘Tatoes were well-seasoned and panned to a balanced consistency. Drizzle some ketchup and Frank’s Red Hot and you’re good to go!~

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