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D’Angelo’s Near West Penn Hospital

This pizza is because OB/Gyn makes me stand around in the OR all day until I become so famished after work that I scrounge around Friendship Ave for fewd… So I just went to the closest pizza place right across from West Penn Hospital D’Angelo’s. I ordered a custom slice of pizza: spinach, sausage, and pineapple. (Yes, I believe that all pineapples deserve a place on pizza! Although others may disagree, which is perfectly fine too.)

The pizza was pretty good, although I could tell the pineapples were canned. Spinach is solid, although I wish they added a little more on the slice. Their sausage was very interesting. It didn’t taste like regular fatty, meaty sausage, but rather like sausage bits that one would sprinkle in omelets. Oh well, still pretty good. I firmly believe that to make a decent pizza, you need a solid crust, and I quite enjoyed the fluffy warm one D’Angelo’s cooked up!

20141007_165101These are a blast to the past, as these were my favorites as a kid. I was a very dough-loving child, and my mom always got these from our local pizza parlor back in Jamaica, Queens 8 for $1. Hard to find that price these days, but hey that’s the price of inflation.

Warm baked dough dipped in garlic, parmesan, basil, and butter… Who can say no to these? I tend to prefer mine heavier on the spices than the cheese, but I can understand if the local taste is probably more parmy.

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