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A Head Full of Noodles

During my time at Pittsburgh, I had the delight of going to Noodlehead, a Thai street-foody restaurant in the trendy neighborhood of Shadyside. Along this avenue were a lot of cool restaurants and bars, but word on the street was that Noodlehead is one of the best…so a good group of friends and I went to check it out!

20141010_203848Pulled Pork Steamed Buns. Just one step down from the Hirata Pork Buns of Ippudo, NYC. But then again you can’t really compare because these buns are Thai-style. They were garnished with cucumbers and cilantro for a fresh, almost bahn-mi-like spinoff. The pork was tender and juicy, with bits of fat so they weren’t too greasy. These were all sandwiched in the classic 馒头 Chinese-style steamed bun. And the spicy sauce was delicious as well. I ate one w/o sriracha in honor of the chef, and one w/ because sriracha is pure awesomeness in a bottle ;D (next to gochujang of course, which I will eat out of the container)

20141010_210316Chiang Mai Noodles @5/5 spice. Noodlehead advertises itself as a trendy Thai street food joint. The menu was small, but everything on it looked fantastic. I absolutely love curry so I knew I had to try these noodles. Their curry was on point; made with a coconut milk base that was at the perfect vicosity level, not too thick, not too runny. I was pleased to taste that they did not skim down on the red pepper/Thai chile because my dish was quite hot (the way I like ma fewds). Along with the egg noodles noodles are slices of chicken breast, pickled mustard greens, and fresh shallots. The nest of noodles you see on the right were are like a crispy noodle snack that one can dip in the curry (similar to the concept of dipping nachos in salsa, teehee~)

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