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Pies n’ Thighs ~ n’ Sunny Skies


My favorite surrealist – Giorgio di Chirico

This is about a year long overdue post… but the memory was worth mentioning. Julee, Aimee, and I were determined for a trip to Pies n’ Thighs after our visit to the MoMA. After all, what better way to conclude a classy afternoon of modern art viewing than some heart-warming hipster fried chicken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn? So there we were, three little Asian girls, on a sharp windy late afternoon, trying to find our way in a foreign land (since none of us are native Brooklynites). This would have been a laughable, almost surreal scene anywhere else… but in NY, probably a commonplace picture.

20140324_174035_Richtone(HDR)What I remember is getting the Chicken & Waffles and thinking “Damn, this is probably one of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten!” Not that I’ve actually had too much fried chicken experience in my life. Still, I could say that this was levels above KFC. I think what really made the fried chicken delicious was the quality of the meat itself. Pies n’ Thighs boasts of its antibiotic-free, hormone-free, “humanely raised” chicken, and its air-chilled method of preservation. This air-chilled method is supposed to preserve the chicken’s nutritional value as well as its “natural meat juices.” I guess it really does make a difference since that was some fried chicken! The inside meat was tender, soft, and juicy… similar in quality as a thoughtfully roasted chicken. However, the skin outside was crisped to perfection. I could hear the nice “kkkk” potato-chip symphony upon biting in.

The buckwheat waffles were warm and fluffy, served with cinnamon butter and maple cranberries. I think that the cinnamon butter went well with the waffles, adding some sweet richness to the soft waffle. Although I can’t say the waffles are as memorable as the chicken, I can say that the provided a sweet complement to the savory chicken.


We also split some hush puppies amongst us three. Served with lemon and tartar sauce, these are nubbins of corn meal buttermilk hash fried as balls. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with that unless you hate cornmeal or overfry until they’re too dry. Neither was the case here, so we devoured these little piggies – or should I say puppies!

20140324_182218_Richtone(HDR)Anything and everything is better a la mode!! Especially a slab of old-fashioned apple pie. We appreciated how this pie was warm and heavenly without being overly sweet. The ice cream soothed the pie’s tartness as it melted into the syrupy apple goo. My only comment is that I prefer softer, warmer apples. They could have done a little more oven time. But oh, the crust. My policy is: “Never judge a book by its cover, but always judge a pie by its crust.” They did the crust pretty well – buttery, warm, soft, and flaky, something grandma would be proud of. This was pretty up there for apple pie, but in terms of apple desserts, nothing can really compete with the hot apple dumpling from Reading Terminal, hehehe.

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