Adventures in Eating & Cooking

Restaurant Week 2- T Bar Steak & Lounge


Appetizer: Salmon Ceviche. Basically chopped up sashimi drenched in lime/tequila dressing. Very delicious with crispy fresh salad on the bottom! The chips kind of tasted like fritos, VERY SALTY! But it went well with the fish I daresay.


Main: Filet Mignon, medium. This picture does the dish no justice, as the steak was pretty well cooked and seasoned. I don’t have much else to say about this except I LOVE MASHED POTATOES! Bearnaise sauce (yellow-ish stuff on right) tasted too creamy and mac n’cheesey. Since the meat and potatoes stood well on their own, I didn’t bother with the fancy sauce.


Dessert 1: Strawberry Sundae. Very refreshing; unfortunately, the only thing memorable about it was how sour the strawberries were. But hey, ice cream always tastes better in sundae glassware!


Dessert 2: Banana Parfait Mille Feuilles. More like creme brulée than any mille feuilles I’ve ever eaten, this was a delicious top-off! Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between a crunchy coconut cookie base and a caramelized cookie-banana roof. This dessert has a mind of its own, swirling around as I attacked at it with my fork. The ice cream melts quickly, washing off banana-caramel sauce with it. My only problem is that this was a bit overly sweet, which could be remedied easily by adding more vanilla ice cream to contrast the caramelization. Nonetheless, this was one of the best desserts I’ve had at a restaurant so far.

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