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Restaurant Week 1 – A Comeback

For those of you who actually did read my blog posts before, I apologize for going off the radar for the past year or so. To be honest, I’ve been too lazy to leave long commentary about everything I eat (which partially explains my blog hiatus), so I’ll just keep these short and sweet.

First RW visit with 오빠 – Boulud Sud


Appetizer 1: Hummus & Babaghanoush platter with falafel and pita chips. Both spreads were made really well and left a fresh, stimulated feeling on the palate. Falafel balls and chips were also impressive, but lacking in quantity…


Appetizer 2: Stone-Baked Flatbread. Did not enjoy this very much as the bottom crust was quite burnt. It tasted somewhat like a pesto pizza, and I love pesto but this didn’t get points anywhere else.


Main 1: Day Boat Albacore Tuna w/crispy polenta. Loved the polenta, but who doesn’t love creamy cornmeal packed into french fry form? The tuna was alright, not a big fan of the rawness inside. I mean if you like tuna sashimi, this might be your thing, but I’m more of a salmon kind of girl. Veggies were alright… Mysterious green sauce…? Probably more for decoration.


Main 2: Marrakesh Spiced Flank Steak. Had a bite of this steak and was quite impressed. I’m not a steak connoisseur so I can’t say much about this. However, my boyfriend who has probably eaten more steak this past year than I had my entire life, was surprised at how well this was cooked. Apparently flank meat is usually quite tough, but the chef showed that with the proper technique, anything is possible.


Dessert 1: Lemon-Blueberry Gateau. Beautiful presentation but BEWARE!! The mousse is made with goat cheese and thus has a strong goaty-flavor. For those of you who enjoy this taste, this dessert would be exquisite. Those who don’t (like myself), stay away!!


Dessert 2: Chocolate Sabayon. I enjoyed this one for the smooth coffee/chocolate mixture. The cake was rich and blended with the coffee ganache. My favorite though was the little coffee nibbles upon which the mound of ice cream sits. These nibbles were like ground coffee but sweet and chocolatey– what a joy to eat!

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