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Recent Desserts


Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, Spot Dessert Bar‘s #1 best seller. I can sure see why. Although this photo makes my dessert look like an awkward turtle (green tea ice cream head, chocolate cake shell, cookie serves as a horn? chocolate balls = turtle dung? haha)… it tasted sinfully delicious! The chocolate cake was so rich, so much that I don’t think I could handle it anymore (in a good way). Inside was molten chocolate and matcha sauce; both very strong the way I like it! The matcha ice cream was also very strong, authentic—love it!


Aimee’s Smoked Coconut Cheesecake. Had a bite which was light, creamy, coconutty!


Julee’s Crazy Coco? Chocolate Crazy? I forgot the name, but it’s pretty crazy. The black liquid in cup is coffee while the white stuff in the glass is panna cotta. It would have been nice if they gave more coffee for my friend 😉

20130730_204839_Richtone(HDR)A slice of good old-fashioned chocolate cake from Martha’s Country Bakery. This bakery has been a big hit since it opened a few years ago in my neighborhood, and it even recently expanded. A very popular late-night visit for friends! And as I was sipping on some decaf with Chwissy, we shared this delicious piece of cake! Layers of moist, fluffy chocolate cake & light chocolate mousse with a ceiling of ganache. Strangely enough, it wasn’t too overwhelming with the chocolate. It was simple, comforting, yet exquisite in its own way.

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