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Stuff We Ate at Jeujeubee’s Birthday

Ok, so this post is about 1 month delayed, but nonetheless here goes nothing!

Hirata Pork Buns from Ippudo

The girls each ordered their own fair shares of ramen from Ippudo, but I insisted on the Hirata Pork Buns–always a must!!

Green Tea Creme Brulee

Also at Ippudo, we got Jeujeubee a Green Tea Creme Brulee, brought out by all the waiters singing happy birthday. It was an epic sight: all these random men clad in black ramen bar fabric aligned in chorus formation singing in unison. It was pretty hilarious actually!


And no NYC trip could be complete without a visit to Otafuku for takoyaki!! Especially not for Jeujeubee, a fellow takoyaki-phile! She loved the large octopus ball portions and the amalgam of sauces piled over. Hehe, win!

Kyoto-fu's Omakase

Kyoto-fu’s omakase included poached pears, ginger creme brulee, and chocolate miso brownie. As usual, the miso brownie outshined the other two, although the ginger-flavored brulee was quite an interesting concept.

Green Tea Chocolates & Hazelnut Cookies

The omakase also came with green tea chocolates and hazelnut cookies. I didn’t care too much for the cookies, but I adore Kyoto-fu’s green tea chocolates. Typically $3 apiece, these babies are worth every cent. They are so dense, creamy, and matcha-y; resembling more a sort of matcha fudge chocolate consistency… The matcha chocolates really are something else.

Warm Sweet Potato Cake

We also ordered a Warm Sweet Potato Cake on the side, which I also really enjoyed. This had a subtle sweet potato flavor, dabbled in some warn cinnamon and caramel. It was the perfect autumn/winter dessert– heartwarming and heartful~

Warm Chocolate Miso Cake

Jan-Jan and I also decided to get the Warm Chocolate Miso Cake, which was basically a chocolate miso brownie except slightly less dense, and having a more cake-like consistency. However, most of the flavors were consistent but does the combination get to me every time! I love everything about this: the presentation, the cake, the salty rich caramel… everything!!! I think this may be the only chocolate cake I would consider eating over Brooklyn Blackouts, and that is saying something!!

Green Tea Cupcake

Kyoto-fu’s people were really nice and gave Jeujuebee a green tea cupcake on the house for her birthday! It was really sweet of them, and the presentation was great too! The green tea cake was a little dry in my opinion, but I liked the matcha flavor in the cake.

In general, Jeujeubee’s birthday weekend was quite a success. For her 21st, I successfully took her to a ramen bar (Ippudo) and a dessert bar (Kyoto-fu), but never a legitimate drinking bar… Kinda funny if you think about it, but kinda perfect at the same time considering the love of food Jeujeubee shares with me!



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