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Coffee from Lucid Cafe

Sumptuous Hot Chocolate

Hey guys, so I know I haven’t updated in a long time, but I have much to fill you all in on!!! Exhibit A: this beautifully-rendered coffee art in a mug of rich Belgian Hot Chocolate served at Lucid Cafe. It was immensely satisfying, with an intense deep chocolate flavor. I think what really got to me was the wonderful aromatics of the chocolate; it wasn’t just thick or rich, but the quality and depth of the chocolate flavor really left an imprint in my heart.

Chwis's Mocha

Chwis got a really pretty Mocha as well. I had a sip and it was also very intense in chocolate-coffee flavor– way better than any other form of coffee I had drunk before. Plus the cute coffee art really added a nice touch. I always get really excited when I see creative methods of food presentation, especially since it means I get to photograph it!! Anyways, I highly recommend this cozy cafe to grab some toasty drinks during the holiday season. The cafe itself is really tiny, with only a few available seats but if you could manage to land a table, then it’s a great place to have just relax and have an intimate conversation with those dear to you. Plus, the warmth from our beverages were perfect for reigniting the friendship between Chwis and me after long months apart.

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