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Hand-Drawn Beef Noodles

At 兰州拉面 (Lan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodles) in Philly Chinatown, you can get a giant hearty bowl of beef noodle soup for only $5. That’s where Jan-Jan and I went when the first cold days of autumn hit! Jan-Jan being both a carnivore and Chinese food addict had both her preferences satisfied with this simple bowl of noodles. Me, I sucked up those noodles like a professional Hoover vacuum– so delicious!

Hand-Drawn Beef Brisket Noodles!

Jan-Jan had her noodles with sliced beef, while I got mine with brisket. There wasn’t much of a difference between the two as the meat probably came from the same cow. The only difference was that Jan-Jan’s beef was in thin slices while mine were in hearty chunks. Your choice is entirely based on how you want your meat cut. Aside from that, the aromatic beef stew and chewy doughy noodles are pretty standard for Lan Zhou.

Noodles Close-Up

I am definitely a huge fan of the stew because like a kiss, it spreads warmth from the lips throughout one’s body and soul. It is the perfect cure for the shortening and coldening of the days… The broth’s flavor is also very full, illuminated by fresh parsley and beefiness. I also found little pickled veggies in the soup, responsible for additional food fragrance. The meat was great, but could always be more tender. I assume they marinade the beef in some delicious sauces in order to give the noodles such intense taste. With the yummy meat, stew, and noodles, how could we not whirl into a state of blissful oblivion?

2 comments on “Hand-Drawn Beef Noodles

  1. chewyfiend
    November 14, 2011

    Oh wow, this sounds amazing. I have a huge fan of noodles. Loved this post!


  2. kevyhou
    November 24, 2011


    I should read this a loud to you again, so I can make you feel self conscious about it and then not post it….exactly like I did to you when you tried to post this a year ago muahahahah!


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