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Night Market Adventures

Night Market!!!!

Although I was feeling under the weather last Thursday night, I couldn’t pass up the chance to check out the Chinatown Night Market. It was supposed to be modeled after the night markets in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but turned out more like a food truck/vendor street fair– a pretty overcrowded one too, but hey you gotta hold your ground to get to the good stuff!

Pumpkin Curry Soup from Not By Bread Alone

I spent most of my time waiting on line at Not By Bread Alone, which is actually a catering company from outside of Philadelphia. Since I figured it would be pretty impossible for me to try their stuff again, I was adamant about getting their famous pumpkin curry soup and crab cakes. The only problem was that they took forever setting up… In the end I only got the soup (since crab cakes would have probably taken about 45 min longer and I had already waited on line for about 30…) But wow was that soup amazing! Maybe it was because I was waiting for so long and getting hungry, or because I was getting sick, but that soup really hit the spot. It had that subtle sweetness from the thick pumpkin blended in with a zing of curry. Yes, I know this sounds like an odd combination, but it was soo good.

Italian Sausage from Renaissance Truck

Chewy got the Italian Sausage slider, which had really good meat. It was juicy and well-seasoned with some sort of spicy peppery stuff. There were nice undertones of nutmeg, five-spice, and some other flavors I couldn’t quite recognize. I just know it tasted awesome, and the bun was soaked in the spicy sausage juices, so it became really tasty too!

Apple Cinnamon Crepe

Jan-Jan got an apple cinnamon crepe from Crepewalk, which was okay. It was a little too sweet and not cinnamony enough, though I only took a bite. (Too absorbed in sipping soup!)

In the end, was the Night Market worth going to? Mmm, not exactly in the sense that it was extremely crowded, difficult to maneuver, and time-consuming. However, I did get to meet a cool new friend when I was waiting for my soup to be prepared. If only the event was a bit more organized, I think I would have enjoyed it more. In any case, I was introduced to some interesting new food trucks and excited to explore more!

One comment on “Night Market Adventures

  1. chewyfiend
    October 13, 2011

    Awesome post! I completely agree; the atmosphere was too crowded. But, hey, you gotta fight for your food!


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