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Bright & Sugary Sabrina’s

In addition to the completed avant-garde science building on Drexel’s campus this year, they also tore down the old Ross Commons and replaced it with the third Sabrina’s Cafe in Philly. I’ve been meaning to trek down to the South Philly location, before this one even popped up on campus. But now that we have one just a few blocks away… I could get my breakfast/brunch fix any day of the week! And what better reason to go than to celebrate our suite’s rite of MCAT passage. (Woot! No BS/MD left behind campaign!)

Carlos 'Choochrur's Big Catch Cakes

Ninja-Kitty and I split the two specials: Hunter Pence’s French Toast and Carlos ‘Choochrur’s Big Catch Cakes (whew, that’s a mouthful… of carbs!) As silly as this sounds the bright contrasting colors of these two dishes, peachy orange and magenta red, brought a smile to my face. Usually the use of artificial coloring in food disturbs me, but I make an exception for breakfast… and red velvet. The Big Catch pancake stacks were topped with this red velvet berry syrup with a sweet strawberry flavor. I really liked the white chocolate raspberry butter melted over the cakes. The crumbles were a nice touch, although I thought the cheerios topping was a little too much (they were a little stale too). The pancakes themselves were average: soft and fluffy but a little bland. It was really the fruity syrup and delicious butter that carried the dish.

Hunter Pence's Let's Eat French Toast

I liked the stuffed French toast more, because the bread itself was sturdy and delicious. Hidden within the center was this sweet creamy blend of cream cheese, marscapone, and dried fruit. I think it was this rich, creamy, and totally-bad-for-you filling that perfectly complemented the toast. I could barely taste the effects of the sweet apricot syrup in the face of the rich cream and eggy bread. The bright orange definitely added to aesthetics though!

Sweet Potato Fries

I got the Sweet Potato Fries too, because Resh had been RAVING about them two nights ago, making me inexhaustibly hungry… I didn’t think they were that amazing. Either she hyped it up for me too much, or I just had wayyy better at Bobby’s Burger Palace. Whatever the case was, these just didn’t cut it for me. Plus, the sweetness of the fries did not really help balance out all the sugar I was eating this morning. I had a bite of Steff’s Polenta Fries too, which were alright but a little too bland for my taste.

Sabrina's Interior, cute huh?

I am sooo stuffed as I am writing this post right now. I do not regret the sugar overload, but I do wish I got to try one of their omlettes. With Sabrina’s right on campus, this won’t be too hard to accomplish! Oh, and I forgot to mention. Sabrina’s really jazzed up Ross commons to a nice cafe/brunch atmosphere– very cute and quaint! I’ll be looking forward to a round 2 some other day~

3 comments on “Bright & Sugary Sabrina’s

  1. 이선현
    October 5, 2011

    Ohh! They finished that thing? I heard about them doing it but didn’t know when they were doing that…Ill have to try that place out! xD

    If their menu is the same as south street’s one dish that I really liked was the “school bus” with a side of scrapple. Sooo good~


    • bubblepeachtea
      October 9, 2011

      what?? What is the “school bus” muust check this out now haha


  2. chewyfiend
    October 8, 2011

    I can’t wait to check this place out. I love the way you write about food; it’s absolutely mouth-watering! Sounds like quite an adventure. Don’t be too harsh on the cooks, now, I’m sure they did their best!


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