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Pretending to be Rich & Eating Exquisite Desserts

I know when the new Ladurée opened in NYC, food blogs exploded and customers swarmed to Madison Ave to try this famous French-originated patisserie. Honestly when I heard about this, I squealed and nearly passed out like an eight-year old in the presence of Justin Bieber.

Waiting on line... with excitement!

No but seriously, I love sweets… especially cookies… especially macarons, hehe. And yes, I know there is a huge hype over macarons and I sound kind of like a pathetic food groupie but they’re so cute and delicious! Plus, they’re quite hard to perfect and find (good ones at least, as many bakeries try to pass off mediocre macarons).

<img class=”size-full wp-image-2293″ title=”Macaron Castles So I grabbed my fellow macaron-freak Unnie for a little dessert splurge~ The shop is elegant and cute, but blends into the background of the neighborhood’s grandeur. However, the name precedes it, so I’m not surprised that I had to wait on line for about 20 minutes. The prices are incredibly steep at $20 for a box of 6. (Ouch, I feel the hit taken by my wallet.) But these were totally adorable and delectable!!! I don’t know if I’d be willing to cough up the money for a box again until I’m rich and famous or something (or perhaps really depressed), but the experience was amazing!

My Little Box of 6

Each macaron had that perfect lightly crisp meringue that becomes chewy as you bite into it. And they all had densely flavored fillings stuffed within the cookies. The ganache-meringue ratio was pretty golden, slightly generous on ganache so that it squeezes out a little with each bite. Mmmm, so yummy! I think my favorite flavor was the caramel, partly because I’m partial to caramel but mainly because it oozed a rich buttery filling. I really loved the cinnamon one too, which was complimented with a slightly fruity and nutty ganache.

The orange blossom and rose had subtle flowery scents that produced an overall calming effect when eaten. Strawberry mint was also fruity and refreshing with a nice sweet jam filling. Each flavor shone in its own way and I could find no major shortcomings in any of them. The craftsmanship of these cookies were very impressive, so I can see why the French are so snooty with their desserts.

Matcha Mousse Cake

Since there were no seats in Ladurée, Unnie and I walked down to Lady M for bonding over cake. Another French dessert cafe that offers beautiful and delicate cakes to fit the Upper East Side. We ordered the Matcha Mousse Cake and Mille Crepe. I really loved the soft and spongey green tea cake, abundantly flavored with matcha. However, the mousse was so light and delicate that I don’t think the green tea was expressed to its full potential. Still, the flavor was there and the cake’s texture was excellent– fluffy but crumbly enough to produce tiny flecks of crumbs.

Mille Crepe

The Mille Crepe was also pretty good, although I would have preferred to try one of the flavored ones. The cream was so light it was almost flavorless, and the crepes were super-thin with a slight sponginess. It was a little bland in my opinion, although the texture was unique and enjoyable. Unnie said she loves the texture of mille crepes so she really enjoyed this one. As for me, matcha still has my heart!

One comment on “Pretending to be Rich & Eating Exquisite Desserts

  1. CokaRabbit
    January 22, 2013

    those cute macaron tarts are so amazing!


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