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Classy Salmon Sandwich

DB Smoked Salmon Mauricette

I was so excited about the newly opened Epicerie Boulud after reading about it on Serious Eats the other day. I was even more excited after spotting it across the street on my way to meet Lili in Lincoln Center! (We were going to the theater at first.) After ranting to her for ten minutes about how badly I wanted to try one of Boulud’s places, she agreed to share a sandwich for lunch.

We got the DB Smoked Salmon Mauricette on a pretzel roll for about $10. This wasn’t a bad deal seeing how the salmon was high-quality and tomatoes crisp and fresh. (One of my biggest sandwich pet peeves is soggy tomatoes, so it’s a good thing that didn’t happen here!) The lettuce and dill added a refreshing touch to the overall coolness of the sandwich, perfect for combating the heat of noon. (Note, this was last week when the weather was still warm.) The one problem I had was that the insides were unevenly distributed. Because the bread was not sliced all the way through, all the salmon and veggies conglomerated on the left side; I also had trouble keeping the salmon from squeezing out… The salmon was enjoyable, but probably not the best thing on the menu I suspect. I just kinda of wish that I got to try some Boulud pastries, or another sandwich.

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