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$10 Sushi

Recently, there has been an outgrowth of giant Asian supermarket malls in Flushing (and trendy new bubble tea joints too!) It’s kind of interesting how the groceries industry seems to have taken off this past year. That’s good news for us consumers though, since the high supply should drive down food prices. Yay, more food!

Spicy Salmon, with some tempura bits.

One of the new jumbo-marts that opened is Sky Foods, within the BJ’s/Target/Chuck E. Cheese’s complex. It’s got a pretty wide selection of foodstuffs and special grand opening promotions like the $10 for 3 boxes of sushi! I got eel, spicy salmon, and this cool spicy crab roll. The rolls were pretty standard, but fresh and yummy! The chef skims you on some of the fish, but that’s pretty much expected at Chinese markets. It’s still a fair deal, so I recommend stopping by while the promotion lasts, or maybe they’ll make this a permanent thing? (Fingers crossed!)

More Rolls! I combined the eel and spicy crab in one box because my mom snuck a few bites before I could get a photo, haha.

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