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Sweetness of Freedom

It feels SOOOOOOOOO RIDICULOUSLY GOOOOOOD to be done with MCATS. Ughhhhhhhh! The past month or so I’ve been stuck around my housing binging on leftovers most of the time. Granted, my parents are pretty well-versed in the art of dumplings so it wasn’t complete torture… But I definitely missed out on stuff like this:

Raspberry Freeze

This is the raspberry freeze from Eddie’s Sweetshop. Much thicker than I had anticipated, this blend of raspberry ice cream and sherbert made a refreshing fruity treat! The tart taste reminded me of froyo but the thickness left me thinking of Jamba Juice’s smoothies. In the heat of summer, I wouldn’t mind having either, and the raspberry freeze struck a fine balance. After all, it always tastes better home made!

John's Pizza Bianca

Then there was the delicious pizza from John’s on Bleecker Street. Not to be confused with Bleecker Street Pizzeria (my friend and I got lost), John’s is less conspicuously tucked inside the block. I suppose the harder to find, the more delicious the food right? Not true all the time, but definitely true in this case!

We split a Pizza Bianca (white pie) with sausage, tomato-basil, and extra garlic. It was great! Instead of grease, the pizza oozed olive oil and garlic, which flavored the white mozz nicely. The tomatoes were like fresh marinara sauce in virgin state. The cheese was slightly bland (especially in comparison to Nick’s white pies near home), but delicious nonetheless. The crust was above-average but unmemorable. Since their tomatoes were rather outstanding, I suspect that their margherita-style (red) pies are better… but that will have to wait for my next visit!

Grasshopper Ice Cream Sandwich

I dragged Lin Loo to Milk & Cookies after to try their cookie ice cream sandwiches. Worst idea ever! We had to rush home for her doctor’s appointment so I had to eat mine on the subway as it melted. Super-embarrasing… And I wasn’t that impressed by the dessert either. Maybe it was because the ice cream melted halfway but I thought there wasn’t enough sandwiched. The mint chocolate cookies themselves were a bit too crunchy and hard to swallow. If only I had gotten some milk to wash it down…

Oatmeal Scotchie

However, their oatmeal scotchies were amazing! The guy at the counter bragged that the scotchies were their best cookies so I knew I had to try it. It was crunchy, sweet, and savory kind of like granola. There were creamy chunks of white chocolate embedded in the nutty oats, balanced with a salty crunch. This was an ingenious combination of some classic favorites.

3 comments on “Sweetness of Freedom

  1. arilaan
    August 3, 2011

    OMG I LOVE John’s pizzeria! That’s the go-to place when my mom and I meet up with my half-sister’s half-sister and her mom, about every two months or so… I definitely get mine with onions or olives or peppers or something, and usually no cheese? Although plain if we’re lazy is good too =) And we always go to Rocco’s afterwards right down the block for pastries!

    Congrats on finishing your MCATs! That’s AWESOME!

    – Marcela


    • bubblepeachtea
      August 3, 2011

      Thanks Marcela!! =o Rocco’s?! I have not been there yet, but now I know where else to check out for dessert =]


  2. livinglearningeating
    August 5, 2011

    CONGRATS!! I’m so jealous (I have MCATs spring 2013, EWWWWWWWWW)

    The freeze and scotchie look tasty 🙂

    If you’re into easy, self-made shakes, try this one out:

    It was *scrumptious*…and healthy??!


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