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Siamese Cherry Blossoms


I know I usually review eateries or reflect on recipes, but today I’m going to deviate from my usual train of thought and talk about… cherries!

One of the best parts of summer is the diversity of all the bountiful fruits that fill up the supermarkets. Colors from different shades of sunlight are reflected in the harvest, especially those bright red cherries. Although I’m a diehard peach girl, I couldn’t resist snacking on a bowl of these succulent little red bulbs in the lazy afternoon.

Best Friends, linked by the arm.

My favorite are the siamese cherries, the doubles that share one stem. They are attached by the hip, budding off each other like the cytokinesis of a cell. (Things that remind me of cell division greatly excites me.) These cherries are extra cheery because they are forever linked arms with a best friend. Awwww, right? Well, the actual reason behind my affection for twin cherries is that I get to consume two cherries for the price of one— yep, Asian cheapness at work here… But hey don’t tell me your heart doesn’t skip a beat when you hear the guys in Flushing holler: “1 dolla 1 dolla che-li che-li” After all, that jingle is a sure sign that summer is here.

Plus, I get to take fun cherry pics like this:

Sakura Cherry Blossom

I thought this pair was especially beautiful, resembling some sort of blossoming tulip, so I crafted it a leaf out of bok choy. Thus formed a cherry blossom, in the literal sense.Food art ftw!!

Summertime Snowman Cherry!!

And in honor of every kid’s dream to have a Summer Snow-Day, I drew over this guy to make a summertime snowman cherry. What fun!

One comment on “Siamese Cherry Blossoms

  1. Vennila
    June 11, 2011

    So cute! I was eating these and didn’t realize they’re common… I thought I just had a weird bunch of cherries. 😛


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