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Fondue & Spectacular S’mores Sundae (Max Brenner)

Fantastic Popsicle Chocolate Fondue

The best parts of Max Brenner are the chocolate fondue and the ice cream. Combine the two, and you get the Fantastic Popsicle Chocolate Fondue, a smooth creamy vanilla fudge popsicle dipped in rich tempered milk chocolate. Other toppings include crushed hazelnut bits if you’re in a Ferrero Rocher mood, and crunchy chocolate bits. The crunchy bits are fun enough alone, a fancier version of Bunch-A-Crunch candies!

Spectacular S'mores Sundae

But of course, it was definitely the Spectacular S’mores Sundae that stole the show. Served in a super-sized wine glass, the dyonisian symbol of decadence, the sundae sent me on an endorphin-high of chocomallow goodness. This baby was born from a dark chocolate gelato (that for the most part resembled ice cream), puffy toasted marshmallow goo, and graham cracker chunks. It was total deliciousness, a great way to indulge in chocolate on a hot summer day. Of course there may be more authentic gelato or higher-quality chocolate desserts elsewhere, but what could be more epic than a jumbo s’mores in ice cream form…in a wineglass?!?

One comment on “Fondue & Spectacular S’mores Sundae (Max Brenner)

  1. Aneta
    May 28, 2011

    That s’more sundae looks great!!


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