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Brooklyn Pizza

Before I begin my ramblings about the Brooklyn-style pizzas I’ve tried recently, I want to give a shout-out to Adam’s hilarious April Fool’s Joke on Slice. You totally had me going “Wtf?! Chicago-style is sooo not even close to NYC’s best slice!!!” And that was how I knew it was 4/1, hehe.

NYPD Margherita Pie

It was also on Friday when our stupid Munkee friend took Ninja-Kitty and me to NYPD Pizza, which he boldly declared to be better than Grimaldi’s. So we got a huge-ass margherita pie that we couldn’t finish. The guy presented it to us piping hot fresh out of the oven after a slight wait.

Close-up Slice

Although it was no Grimaldi’s, I can definitely vouch that the pizza was pretty darn Brooklyn: large slices, thin crust, thick tomato-marinara sauce, and thin splotches of fresh mozz. What really stood out to me here was the sauce; the pizza definitely had a sauce-to-cheese ratio above baseline. This was very strikingly tomato, but somewhat lacking in basil and spices. I think I would have preferred a little bit more of that, but it wasn’t something a dash of extra garlic powder couldn’t solve!

I was dismayed with the crust though, because it was kind of overcooked. I would have preferred a thinner or at least doughier base.

Brooklyn's Grimaldi's

This compared to the deliciousness of Grimaldi’s… Well actually it’s not that far off the par. The thing that I think makes Grimaldi’s better is that it’s more flavorful. I’m not sure quite sure if this comes from the mozz, the blend of herbs in the sauce, extra olive oil, or just that the thinness of the crust makes the toppings stand out more. But hey, NYPD is a pretty good deal if you want your fix of great cheap pizza in Philly.

I really do appreciate the NY-love in this place. It definitely takes balls to be decorating the pizzeria with Yankees memorabilia in a city of Phillies’ fans. Plus, the grungy NYC art, dim fluorescent lighting, and just the whole pizza-display setup set the whole place on Brooklyn.

2 comments on “Brooklyn Pizza

  1. lisamichele
    April 6, 2011

    I’m with you..NO pizza compares to NY pizza, especially the old Mom and Pop pizzeria’s in the Bronx and brooklyn. Yours looks amazing!


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