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Some Cupcakes in Philly

I know I’ve been extremely MIA for the past couple of weeks or so due to getting caught up with friends and finals, so I’ll be updating on some of the stuff I’ve eaten this past month. First off, I’d like to talk about some of the Philadelphian cupcakes I’ve sampled.

Banana Split Cupcake

Philly Cupcake, a cute little shop that just opened last year, was voted #1 cupcake in Philadelphia of 2010. I’ve been always pretty reluctant to go due to fear of being disappointed. (I’ve been  let down by most of the cupcakes I’ve tried in the area.) But dang, I was quite impressed with the Banana Split Cupcake I bought. The banana cake was like banana pudding in cake form, very soft and full of sweet fruity banana-ness!

And the frosting, which so frequently falls into fault of being cloyingly sweet, was rather mild. The lack of sugar actually brought out the individual flavors so instead of a mouthful of sugar, you get a buttery blast of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. It was great!! My one complaint is that this particular cupcake was over-frosted in the sense that I had difficulty eating the tower of frosting with the cake (but this may have more to do with the fact that my mouth is small than that the frosting is too tall >.<)

Homemade Goodies by Roz

Homemade Goodies by Roz on the other hand, was much less impressive. I got the cookie dough cupcake with brownies frosting, which had overly sweet and grainy frosting. I’m not sure if this was because Roz uses only kosher ingredients or because the cupcake was sitting out in the window too long. Either way, I did not approve of the frosting. The cake was pass-able, although nothing special. The only difference was that these cupcakes had globs of cookie dough baked into it, and I do love my cookie dough.

Cupcake & Hamentashen

But why eat cupcakes at Roz when they have delicious homemade hamentashens?! These wonderful Jewish pastries with fruity filling are highly reminiscent of pie, or perhaps a hybrid of  pie and Pepperidge Veronas. No matter, these cute little triangles are mighty tasty when hot, especially the apricot ones!

I also got a mini-loaf of chocolate chip banana bread, which I shamefully polished off in 2 days as a result of finals stress-eating (a pathetic habit I need to break). I’m definitely disappointed in myself for eating it so quickly because I didn’t get to savor the wonderful blend of chocolate-banana… Although I remember the bread being a bit dry, the sweet marriage of dense chocolate and concentrated banana-ness made the loaf especially tasty.

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