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A Banana Split Day!

Yesterday was a beautiful day: sunny, breezy, and warm, a real shocker for Philly in mid-Feb. But it was the perfect weather for Weshma and me to stroll down to Scoop DeVille for some delicious ice cream.

Banana Split with Mint Chip & Butterscotch Vanilla

We each got a banana split, the classic crave-worthy sundae. I was super-specific with my order: 1 scoop mint chip with Andes mints and 1 scoop butterscotch vanilla with gooey butterscotch syrup. I loved the butterscotch on butterscotch combination, especially since the warm, thick syrup started melting the ice cream, giving it a richer creamier texture. The mint combo next door was a refreshing contrast that left a clean aftertaste in my mouth, the perfect finishing touch! Although I can’t say that the ice cream was phenomenal, I can say that Scoop De Ville is an adorable ice cream parlor that offers variety of flavors and toppings for you to mix and match!

Banana Split with Coffee & Chocolate

Weshma stuck with something a bit more classic: coffee and chocolate topped with Nutella and rainbow sprinkles (or jimmies if you’re from Jersey). It was a real treat for both of us to have a bit of summer sundae-ness (and each other’s company) in the dead of winter!

One comment on “A Banana Split Day!

  1. rsmacaalay
    February 20, 2011

    Wow that is what a banana split should be. Yummy now I am craving for one


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