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Sushi in H-Mart

It was too good to be true; I actually found enjoyable, reasonably priced sushi in Philadelphia! Hurrah! Not surprisingly, I had to hop on SEPTA and take it to 69th Street to get to it.

Tomo Sushi & Sashimi

The place is called Tomo Sushi, and it’s located in the food court of H-Mart (Ha Na Reum). In addition to Tomo Sushi, there’s a Korean bakery (which I have yet to try), 2 Korean places, and a cute little Westernized Korean-Japanese place. To a fobby Asian food fanatic like me, this was a heavenly oasis contrasted to the usual scene of pizza, cheesesteaks, and food trucks. (Not that I have anything against these types of food; I just really miss affordable authentic sushi.)

Dragon Eel

I ordered the Dragon Eel, made with broiled eel slathered in the addicting nitsume sauce, cucumbers, and ripe avocado slices. It as beautifully and deliciously garnished with crunchy tempura flakes, scallion, and roe.  I approve of the fresh ingredients used, probably easily directly obtained from the downstairs supermarket. They were very generous on the tempura, which seems to cater to more Westernized tastes. Not that I’m complaining though… I love tempura! However, I would like to see more traditional raw fish roll such as raw salmon, ikura, etc.

Dancing Eel

Ninja-Kitty got the Dancing Eel, made with eel and shrimp tempura. We traded pieces, and I thought hers was just as delicious! It had a slight BBQ taste (perhaps from extra nitsume sauce) and packed an extra dosage of tempura! We were both practically licking the tempura flakes off our plates at the end.

Special Udon Noodles

I have tried the Special Udon Noodles here before as well. The soup base is serenely seafoody, light on both the tongue and stomach. However, the noodles were kind of bootlegged, on the starchy side. Nonetheless, it was one of those hot bowls of noodle soup that cures colds and brightens winters. Tomo Sushi was quite generous with the seafood goodies (fishballs, octopus, squid, shrimp) and sides. (The noodles came with California rolls, 2 shrimp tempura, and 2 tempura onion rings. The California rolls once again proved that Tomo is your better-than-average sushi joint. They were some of the best California rolls I’ve eaten. The tempura was a bit heavy on the crunch and scarce on the meat, but I still enjoyed them.

Udon Sides

I think I’ve found my new to-go sushi spot in Philly! It’s still relatively fast-foody and Westernized compared to some of the sushi bars in NYC, but it’s definitely a step up from all the other Philadelphia sushi places I’ve been to. It’s even better than some of the sushi I’ve eaten in NY. Plus they have an extensive menu with tons of creative rolls to try. Next time I think I’ll go for Sexy Lobster or Scorpion rolls!

3 comments on “Sushi in H-Mart

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  2. Diana
    September 29, 2013

    I love this place the food is delicious! This place and the sushi buffet are quite yummy!


  3. jenny
    October 17, 2013

    I love this store food udong ,soba, play girl roll , tiger roll , spicy cali so many things
    Just try sooo good


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