Adventures in Eating & Cooking

Free Food, Just a Text Away!

Nothing screams awesome more than “free food” except “delicious free food”, which is what Tenka brings to all the poor starving college kids in NYC. Well, maybe not exactly starving… I suppose a better word would be hungry, or too-lazy-and-cheap-to-actively-procure food. Well it’s pretty clear that Tenka’s deals are directed towards college students, since many of them are with eateries close to Columbia and NYU.

But anyways, whether you’re a college student or not, some of these free deals are good to take advantage of… And all you need is a phone that can text! Basically what you do is: register for an account, list your cell phone #, sign up for deals, and text the coupon code to redeem. You should get an automatic text back that asks you to reply with the name of your server to confirm the transaction.

The first place we hit up was Cafe Mocha, which is a bustling little coffee shop on the corner of 2nd Ave & 7th St. It was very clean, cute, with a touch of cozy class. The display of desserts was also quite enticing. After speaking to the guy at the counter and showing him our phones, we each got a free drink of our choice. I drank in my frothy Chai Latte along with Chwis’s crazy college stories. The atmosphere was perfect for catching up with an old friend.

Super-Frothy Chai Latte

After our coffee catch-up, we wandered around St. Mark’s Place and Union Square like old times. It was so nostalgic but full of excitement for what new things these familiar places may have in store! The Christmas Market in Union Square caught our eyes, so we perused and cruised through the eccentric little stands selling art, Christmas decor, clothes, trinkets, and of course FOOD!

The Silly Wafel Guys

Just to our luck, it turned out that Wafels & Dinges had a stand at this market, and we each had another Tenka coupon for free waffles. So we pulled out our phones and once again, didn’t have to pay a cent.

The Throwdown Wafel

I got the throwdown wafel, which is basically a soft, fluffy liege waffle with their signature spekulous spread. Due to the simplicity of the topping, I was able to taste the naked waffle better. It had a slight crisp layer that mushed into soft waffley goodness with each bite. It was kind of like a roasted marshmallow in that respect. And of course the fluffy warmness was the perfect distraction from the cold. The spekulous spread was very delicious, resembling pie crust in flavor. I believe it’s supposed to based off the Dutch-Belgian cookie, speculoos. The spread resembles peanut butter with a Nutella-like consistency, but a rich buttery graham crackery taste. Quite a distinctly delicious flavor; I’m actually considering purchasing a bottle to make crepes with next term.

In conclusion, it’s okay to be poor or even homeless in NYC. As long as you have Internet access and unlimited texting, you won’t have to go hungry if you know where to look!

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