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Cake & Shake

I realized that I had an accumulation of soon-to-expire Groupons, since I had went on a crazy purchasing spree last spring. So now during this Christmas break, I’m on a mission to use them all up starting with Cake & Shake (which was expiring yesterday). After my lunch date at Alice’s Teacup (which I am gushing to write about) and some fun at the Museum of Natural History, I took the subway down to NYU and caught the stand as it was closing.

Raspberry Shake

By the time I had gotten to Cake & Shake, they only had 2 types of cupcakes left, so I bought one of each and a shake. I wasn’t expecting too much from this little stand, but the raspberry shake was surprisingly VERY DELICIOUS despite its average appearance. It was freezing weather, smack in the middle of December but I couldn’t stop drinking the shake that tasted like LIQUID RASPBERRY MOUSSE. Yes, it was light, fluffy, moussey, without the thick viscosity of the typical shake. So if you’re looking for a dense, creamy, thick milkshake, you might be disappointed. But if you want an easily drink-able, straw-friendly, and flavorful beverage, this is an ideal shake. My one complaint was the bit of lingering artificial taste. I think this may have come from the machine because I’m positive the raspberries used were fresh. Well no matter, I loved the shake and chugged it like a dying fish in the desert.

Yellow Cake w/Milk Chocolate Frosting

The cupcakes, however, were a different story. The yellow cake cupcake with milk chocolate frosting was somewhere within the range of bad to average. I was a bit grossed out by the cake as it reeked of egginess. It had a pudding custard core that was also on the eggy side, and there was an unidentifiable black spot at the bottom of the cake that suggested it was burnt. The chocolate frosting was too sweet and pasty for my taste, and lacking in the chocolate factor. I was not very satisfied with this cupcake.

Chocolate/Mocha Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting

The odd chocolate/mocha cake with cream cheese frosting had better luck in my books. The cake was flavored lightly with chocolate with hints of mocha. Not great, but at least the flavor was solid and consistent. And the cream cheese frosting, although still on the sweeter side, was well balanced by sour creaminess.

Final verdict: crappy cupcakes, good shakes. I might try another shake if I’m in the neighborhood, but I would not spend $3 on a cupcake here seeing how I could bake myself better ones, or buy better ones from Martha’s near my house.

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