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Let’s Play Checkers!

I’ve heard lots of great things about Checkers’ fries from Steff, so I decided to stop by to pick some up after volunteering at Trevor’s Place (a shelter for single moms and their oh-so-adorable-and-hyperactive kids).


The drive-thru was right by the SEPTA station, next to a KFC and McDonald’s. Can anyone say fast-food headquarters?

Heart disease smooshed b/w 2 buns =)

I got a ‘shroom burger, not knowing there were onions and mayo involved too. Although I managed to pick out all the onions, it was too hard to wipe off all the mayo. Surprisingly, it went alright with the burger. The rich, meaty blend of mushroom, meat, and swiss is a cliche combination in burgers but hey, if it works, it works! And this definitely worked its meaty  magic, putting the fatass in me in a trance of artery-clogging satisfaction. (Not as satisfying as Shake Shack though…) And although I was kicking myself afterward for actually eating that thing, I can proudly say that my experience with burgers is increasing.

Nicely Seasoned Fries

I liked the warm fries a lot more, although they weren’t as amazing as I had expected. I think Steff might have hyped it up a bit too much for me. However, they were perfect for popping in my mouth on the chilly walk back to campus. Plus, they were lightly coated with a zingy blend of seasoning.


One comment on “Let’s Play Checkers!

  1. B.Yi.
    December 14, 2010

    mmm, ill have checkers like once a year…reason for this is when I get their fries, i get everything on em…i think everything was…ranch, chedder and bacon bits….really artery clogging but really good…now im gettin a craving.. If you get the chance, for a really good burger, look up a place called Nifty Fifties in philly. 😀


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