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Birthday Brunch of Japanese Sweets!

I enjoyed a lovely birthday brunch with Unnie today, at Kyoto-fu, which serves top-quality, artisan Japanese desserts perfect for saccharophiles like me! I don’t mean to toot the horn too much, but I just absolutely love the subtlety of the sugar at Kyoto-fu. The desserts are well-portioned and are not sickeningly sweet. They tend to have many layers of rich scents without becoming too heavy on the tongue.

Atakakai Cha Soba

We didn’t want to eat sweets on an empty stomach, so we split an atakakai cha soba noodles, which was pretty good despite having a small portion:price ratio. I enjoyed how clean the broth and noodles tasted, with light hints of tea and dashi (distinctly Japanese seaweed-tuna stock). It was perfect for cleaning our palettes before the sweets feast!

Matcha Green Tea Crème Brulée

The matcha green tea crème brulée was much better than I had remembered. It was less watery and more creamy this time. The blast of green tea with each bite sent me to a state of serene bliss. This came with a side cookie and a ball of crystallized ginger sorbet that was absolutely titillating! It tasted a bit like lemon ice, except there was gingery zing. The sugary sorbet crystals were lightly crunchy like little candy bits.

Black Sesame Sweet Tofu

The black sesame tofu pudding with hojicha syrup was almost as wonderful. I love the deep, dark, slightly nutty taste of black sesame that pervaded the soft tofu. It had the faintest hint of sweetness that was masked by the sugary tea syrup. The syrup actually really completed the tofu, which would otherwise be slightly bland.

Chocolate Sampler

The chocolate sampler came with that fabulous miso chocolate brownie I had last time. It was as perfectly balanced as I remembered: dense, moist chocolate bathed in butterscotch caramel, light red bean cream, and a soothing lavender cookie. In addition to the brownie, there was a cup of soft-serve soy milk chocolate ice cream and weird-tasting mini-macarons. I don’t like Kyoto-fu’s macarons at all, but I did appeciate the soft shortbread chocolate chip hazelnut cookies.

Genmai Chocolate Fudge

I also tried the genmai (brown rice) tea fudge, which was white-chocolate based. This one was a on the sweeter side, though I could definitely taste overtones of the genmaicha. However, the sweetness of the white chocolate was somewhat overwhelming. I think I prefer the matcha and hojicha chocolates.

2 comments on “Birthday Brunch of Japanese Sweets!

  1. Kevin Jiang
    December 13, 2010

    I missed out :(.


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