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Soodoonbu & Banchan = <3

BCD Tofu House is known for its exquisite fresh soodoonbu chigae (Korean hot tofu stew), which is perfect on a cold autumn evening like this. We agreed to do dinner there after much debate over plans, since Ewicka and my love for tofu outstripped Eugene’s insistence on Malaysian food. Plus, it was much easier for Chwis to meet up with us from Penn Station…

Before I get to the food, I just want to mention that I loved the waiter who took our order. He was the sweetest, mellowest waiter ever, with the classic high-cheekbone Korean grin. It was adorable! Plus, he was really patient with questions and order specifications.

We ordered soodoonbu in increasing order of spiciness. Ewicka got super-mild, I got spicy, and Chwis the crazy half-Korean asked for EXTRA-SPICY! I had to mention Chwis’s heritage to our endearing waiter for him to understand that when she says “EXTRA-SPICY”, that she means business!


The banchan was decent with an assortment of kimchi, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and my favorite ojinguh jut (pickled squid). Ewicka asked for a second round of banchan to get the Korean potato salad, which tastes like cold mashed potatoes mixed with a bit of slaw. Slaw isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the potato salad was still yummy.

Fried Fish

Each of us got our own fried fish, which was delish in a simplistic manner. The exterior was lightly crisped, but the meat inside was very tender and flavorful. The bones were soft and blunt enough to eat, so I just ate my fish whole, as if it were a filet… or if I were a cat.

Soodoonbu Chigae

Our soodoonbu chigae came bubbling in a hot stone pot. We quickly cracked and mixed our eggs in to be cooked. And then came the rice-dumping. (I love Korean rice because it’s so soft and stickyy!!)

Soodoonbu + Rice

And then came demolition-time!!

Destruction of Soodoonbu Chigae by Me!

Chwis and I killed our soodoonbus and even asked for more rice. I confess, the spiciness got to me a bit, and I really needed the rice. (I’m just not Korean enough!!) But the soup was hearty and heartwarming, like runny lava with globs of soft tofu igneous rock and random seafood bits. Mine definitely had more of an oceanic taste, which I personally enjoy. I felt myself glow a little bit with each sip, the perfect remedy to cold November winds. And enjoying it with old friends made it ever so more blissful ❤

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