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The Wow-ness of WOWMilk

I don’t know where to start to describe the epic-ness of Wow Milk. This is the ultimate drink on the menu of the new bubble tea joint that opened up in Flushing: Kung Fu Tea. Right across the street from Hong Kong Supermarket on Main Street, this trendy little hole-in-the-wall is pretty packed with young Flushingnites and their fobby haircuts.

Walk in and you get smacked in the face with a blast of sweet tapioca and milky scents. You see the counter workers circled around this giant machine that rocks the bubble teas like a shaking water bath/incubator. Totally awesome!

And then there’s the Wow Milk… The two times I’ve visited Kung Fu this break, I got Kung Fu Wow Milk, hot both times. (It tastes so much better hot!!) One sip of the drink and I was hugging a giant soft Milk Project cow in an imaginary fob-land of cutsy Asian stuffed toys. Or put more simply by Oniichan, Wow Milk tastes like China.

Hot Kung Fu Wow Milk!

Ok, I don’t mean to scare everyone off with the fobby references, because to be honest, the delicious-ness of Wow Milk is universal. It tastes a lot like warm condensed milk, except richer, creamier, milkier… Like fresh milk pumped out from a condensed milk cow. For me, the Kung Fu Wow Milk strongly resembles Mikakuto Tokuno Japanese Milk Candy, which is $3 a bag at the Asian supermarket but totally worth trying (best milk candy ever!!)

The bubbles at Kung Fu Tea are also top-notch. Although they don’t have the same artisan tapioca flavor as Ten Ren’s bubbles, Kung Fu’s bubbles are quite sweet and super-chewy. And the best part is that the bubbles are consistent. This may just be my new go-to bubble tea spot!

One comment on “The Wow-ness of WOWMilk

  1. tab
    December 2, 2010

    that looks sooo good!!! oh oh, i don’t live in new york, but my friends tell me that there’s going to be a new asian drink store called Coco都可 opening on Prince Street in Flushing which is branching to the US from taiwan 🙂


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