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An Apple A Day: Jonagold

When I was little, I hated apples. Since they are the cheapest and healthiest of the year-round fruits, my mom had me eating them all winter. They were reliable at keeping the doctor away but nonetheless still very boring in comparison to the fun fruits of summer: watermelon, peaches, strawberries… But what I didn’t know was that apples, like people, come in all sorts of flavors.

The other day I stumbled upon an apple farmer’s market on the corner of Penn’s bookstore. Having rekindled my fondness of apples three years ago, I was ecstatic about this discovery. And did I hit the apple orchard! It was a market of just apples, but not JUST apples: TONS AND TONS OF DIFFERENT APPLE SUBSPECIES!! My familiar system of classifying apples by color seemed completely obsolete as it did no justice to the variety of apples offered at the market.

Each type of apple glowed in its own light and they all seemed to be running up to me and introducing themselves. I didn’t know where to start, so I just walked along the stand, fondling each fruit as if they were puppies at a pet store. (Yes, I acknowledge that this behavior is somewhat insane.)

As I am no field expert on apples, I talked to the apple-man running the stand, who patiently answered all my questions. There was the Gold Rush, who is sharply tart; the Pink Lady, who is pretty and sweet like her name; and the Cameo, who’s always a trustworthy friend. Each apple had its own charm, and I feel that this charm could be accentuated using different types of cooking. So I impulsively bought 5 to experiment with all these flavors as a side project: An Apple A Day! I really hope this turns out well!

The Jonagold

For my first apple, I chose the Jonagold, which is a heavy-set reddish-green apple. It looks a lot like a giant Fuji. Golden, sweet, and soft, on the inside; it tasted a lot like a fuji too. I enjoyed eating it, although it was a bit on the soft side. I think this softness could be compensated by some baking or frying. So that is what I must try next time!!

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